Batter Up! Keeping Your Smile In Tact During Game Play!

Batter Up! Keeping Your Smile In Tact During Game Play!

There’s nothing better than getting outside and playing your favorite sport when the nice weather hits. The feel of a lacrosse stick in your hand, or the leathery crunch of a baseball mitt, is enough to get you in the spring spirit!
But with an estimated 5 million teeth damaged from playing sports every year, what’s the best way to protect your pearly whites when you’re hurling a lacrosse ball on the field?


One effective way to help keep your teeth intact is by wearing a mouthguard. Mouthguards ensure that there’s no damage to the hard and soft tissue by creating a defense against impact. But make sure that mouthguard fits properly, otherwise you risk it falling out of place, leaving your smile exposed!


You can also protect your teeth by wearing a helmet with a face guard. Not only does it keep your teeth behind a barrier, but it helps reduce impact to your head, as well.


At Navarro, we’re proud to be the official dentist of the New York Lizards, so we know a thing or two about sports dentistry. The bottom line? Any sport is a blast, but we want to make your smile last! Keep yourself protected no matter what, and you’ll be avoiding those emergency visits to the dentist in no time.

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