Top 5 Foods that Help Your Teeth

Top 5 Foods that Help Your Teeth

Just over two years ago, we covered the top 5 foods that damage your teeth in a blog post written on National Corn on the Cob Day (we really know how to spoil a celebration). Today, December 5th, is National Repeal of Prohibition Day… which doesn’t really mean anything good for dental health (think dehydration, staining, and irritation), so we’ve decided to instead focus on the opposite of the five foods that damage your teeth by focusing on five foods that actually help your pearly whites shine!

An Apple a Day…

So we’re sure you know the old adage- an apple a day keeps the doctor away- but did you know that an apple a day also keeps the dentist at bay? That’s right- America’s favorite fruit is your teeths new best friend! Beyond having kids take a hearty bite to deal with that pesky loose tooth, apples are one of the few sweet exceptions to avoiding sugary foods when it comes to dental health. Because they are high in fiber and water, they help to produce saliva in your mouth during mastication that helps rinse your mouth of pesky bacteria and food particles. Even more, the fibers act as a mini scrubber to keep those pearlies polished!

Go Green…

Leafy greens… dinner’s third cousin who just invites himself to the party and seems kind of annoying but is actually really wonderful once he settles in… We get it, leafy greens aren’t exactly an all-star food in terms of savoriness- but their contributions to dental health warrant a mention! Greens like kale and spinach are high in fiber AND in calcium, which are both important in establishing good oral health. They also contain folic acid, a B-vitamin that’s helpful in maintaining the oral health of pregnant women.

Our dentist pro-tip if you can’t stomach raw greens? Trying adding a handful of spinach to a smoothie or throw some kale on top of a pizza- your mouth gets the nutrients no matter how you get them down!

Ranch or Bleu?

While something of an entourage that follow around a hot plate of buffalo wings, celery and carrots are both great additions to any teeth shining regimen. Both are good sources of vitamin A, which is great for gum health- but their real trick is in how fibrous they are. Next time you’re indulging in some of these goodies, smile knowing you’re basically eating nature’s toothbrushes.

And the best for last…

This might be a controversial statement (we’re dentists, not dieticians after all), but we’ve got great news for all the lovers of cheese in the world: keep on munching. Cheese does some really great things that make enjoying it (and justifying that third slice) amazing! For starters, cheese raises the pH level of your mouth, which lowers the overall risk of tooth decay. Additionally, cheese is loaded with both calcium and protein, both important nutrients in building tooth enamel and improving overall dentition.

All the carrots, celery, and cheese in the world aren’t going to take care of your dental health all on their own- so make sure to visit your dental hygienist at least twice a year to keep up on your smile!

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