Why Does Cosmetic Dentistry Matter?

Why Does Cosmetic Dentistry Matter?

American fashion and beauty trends seem to change at a breakneck pace. If it wasn’t the flapper dresses of the 20s, it was the Puritan restraint of the Depression’s 1930s. The 1940s saw the introduction of the bikini- while the 60s gave us the miniskirt. Hair was tall during the 1980s, and bangs were swept during the 1990s. While each decade can be diagnosed a mile away by specific beauty hallmarks, the singular trend that has remained an indicator of American beauty is the perfect smile.

Cosmetic dentistry matters, then, because it is the best path to perfecting your smile- and at the root of this goal is the benefit of cosmetic dentistry: an overall improvement in self-image. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), a staggering 86% of patients seeking cosmetic treatment do so to improve physical attractiveness and self-esteem. This study would suggest that a full and complete smile is a key ingredient of rejuvenating a person’s thoughts on themselves.

In truth, the benefits don’t stop at thinking higher of oneself- confidence and freedom to smile also improves how someone feels. There’s magic in your smile- a sneaky, feel-good neurotransmitter called dopamine (and endorphin and serotonin) gets released every time you show off those pearly whites. These chemicals act as a natural pick-me-up and keep the good feelings alive.

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about looks, either. After studying at Stony Brook University’s Dental School, Dr. Navarro went on to discover a passion for cosmetic dentistry while working at the Booth Trauma Center in Queens, where he had intense hands-on experience with patients. It seems strange that you’d find a cosmetically-inclined dentist at a trauma center- and this is because cosmetic dentistry is itself a bit of a misnomer.

When people hear the word cosmetic, they often think strictly in a superficial sense- but cosmetic dentistry has a broader scope. In the event of emergencies where the oral and maxillofacial areas are damaged and traumatized, a cosmetic dentist can be called in to provide reconstructive and rehabilitative procedures to the damaged dentition. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about looking good- it’s sometimes about saving lives.

Cosmetic dentistry matters- and not just because pearly whites and a movie-star smile are the one everlasting beauty trend- but because our smiles are sometimes the best representation of who we are.

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