Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Patient Background

The adjacently pictured patient has consented for we at Navarro Dental Group the use of their story and photos. Patient names have been changed in accordance with HIPAA laws.


“Rob” came to our East Islip office with what Dr. Navarro likes to refer to as “a mixed bag of single tooth dentistry”. For years, the patient had individual teeth repaired and replaced, with no attention paid to the overall health and appearance of the smile. Ultimately, Dr. Nick diagnosed that the patient would be in need of a full mouth reconstruction. This would allow for Dr. Navarro to change the patient’s mouth’s balance, function, and aesthetics.


The Treatment

To achieve these goals, digital x-rays were taken, impressions were made of both arches, and they were sent to a lab. The late then sent back a diagnostic wax up, and study models were made. The wax up was reviewed with the patient, who agreed on the morphology. Using precise measurements, the teeth were designed and in the “hollywood white” shade, each tooth as made out of the finest porcelain. The ending result, a true full mouth reconstruction, was a beautifully balanced, comfortable, and stunning smile… exactly what the patient dreamed of!

Full Mouth Reconstruction
Before Reconstruction
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Full Mouth Reconstruction
After Reconstruction
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