Navarro Dental Group on Instagram

Navarro Dental Group on Instagram

It’s that time of year for us where we look for ways to improve the overall patient experience and find new ways for us to interact with our patients. So, as of today, we are now proud members of the Instagram universe! We have learned over the last 4 years the importance of engaging our patients through social media and, after seeing the success and enjoyment we have brought using Facebook and Twitter, decided to add Instagram as well. Instagram is a very powerful outlet for a business like ours because of the specialized smiles that Dr. Navarro designs. Our hope is that, with patient approval, we will be able to show all of you the different stages of a smile makeover. It is very fascinating to see how Dr. Navarro alters and contours within millimeters to create these fantastic looking smiles.
In designing these gorgeous smiles, various types of photos are necessary for each individual patient in all stages including before, during and after! Seeing as Instagram is all about photos and at Navarro Dental Group we are all about photos, it appears that it’s a match made in social media heaven.
Now, this isn’t without its challenges. We don’t have any followers yet and building that client base will take some time.

So, we are asking all of you who use Instagram to take a moment and follow us and help us get this ball rollin’ so we can bring you the latest of what is happening at our office and photos of all the beautiful smile makeovers being completed by Dr. Navarro!

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