Photos. Lots of Photos.

Photos. Lots of Photos.

If you have ever visited our office for cosmetic treatment, be it a smile makeover or Botox® injections, you have been witness to our use of clinical photography. Many of the patients ask us, “Why do you guys take so many photos?” and the answer is simple: Dr. Navarro believes in the importance of knowing where we started, how far we have gone and how much further we need to go to achieve the beautifying results our patients have come to expect.

The process of learning to take the ideal photos for clinical purposes has taken years to perfect but the results have paid off fantastically. Our constancy with clinical photos has continued to grow and help Dr. Navarro produce astounding results.

For Smile Makeovers, we take about 30 photos per visit. We focus on where we have started and where to make the larger and minute changes as the treatment progresses. Our patients love seeing their original smiles up close in very high resolutions and then see the enormous change that occurs and they move from provisional crowns to their final teeth. They cannot believe their eyes!

before and after photos

When it comes to Botox® treatment, we use a series of photos before treatment and then use a 2 week follow up visit to really emphasize the results. Botox doesn’t show immediate and requires up to 2 weeks to fully display results, separating the before and after photos is a must. Although, when our patients return for their follow up, they are blown away at the results and often ask, “When can I get more?!”.

Without taking the amount of photos that we take, we believe we would be selling ourselves short. We don’t fear the results and thats why our photos are of the highest quality and resolution. We know the beauty is in the details and Dr. Navarro strives for perfection with each and every patient visit.

So, come on by. See for yourself what a clinical photo session at Navarro Dental Group is like. We strive to enhance beauty in everyone and in order to achieve the results that we achieve, photos aren’t just helpful; they are necessary.

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