Now Introducing… Number 3… Rob Pannell

Now Introducing… Number 3… Rob Pannell

It’s been almost a year since our partnership with the New York Lizards first began. It started with a phone call to see if they had any interest in having a Team Dentist. After having a nice meeting with their management team, we all walked away it could be a very beneficial experience but we had no idea all the amazing experiences our staff and patients would have because of it.
One of those incredible experiences has been getting to know Rob Pannell and inviting him to become part of the Navarro Dental Group team. Rob Pannell is a mega star in the lacrosse world and, and as it turns out, is a mega star as a person as well.
During the season, our staff attended all of the Lizard’s home games but we did not have a real opportunity to get to know the players until after the season ended. Being the Team Dentist, we sent out an email to all the players and offered them free checkups and cleanings. We found out that most players live out of state and would be unable to come visit us, but Rob Pannell reached out and has since become a part of our team.
We have had an opportunity to get to know Rob, not the lacrosse superstar but the person himself. He has been instrumental in helping to spread the word about our practice and beautiful smiles Dr. Navarro creates for his patients. Rob has taken the time to get to know each member of the staff, has stayed extra time to talk to our staff, take pictures and sign autographs. We’ve gotten to know Rob not as an athlete but as a remarkable person who fits into the dynamic of Navarro Dental Group. It has been an experience we would have never had imagined 12 months ago when we first laid the ground work for a relationship with the New York Lizards.

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