Teeth Whitening Without the Zoom®

Teeth Whitening Without the Zoom®

There are a lot of dental practices that offer the Zoom® In-Office Whitening. It’s marketed as a convenient 45 minute procedure that will greatly enhance the shade of someone’s smile. We have found these claims to not only be vastly exaggerated but also the cost is exorbitant.

At Navarro Dental Group, we believe in providing the best possible care. Now, what this means to us is that our patients receive high quality work and affordable pricing. Our experience with Zoom® Whitening is that it does not meet that criteria.

Don’t get us wrong, Zoom® In-Office Whitening does work. We don’t want to say that it does not work but there a few major issues that we experienced while offering it:

1. It takes far longer than 45 minutes. Really, it took nearly 2 hours per visit because of all the necessary steps to safely whiten with the Zoom® system. Patients require cheek retraction, the application of a gum protector dam, insertion of cotton rolls and cotton pads (all in an effort to protect the patient’s gums, lips and tongue from the powerful curing light). This procedure needs to be completed multiple times per visit!

2. It’s very expensive! A single visit and a take home kit costs upwards of $600!

3. There are professional grade custom fitting options that provide far better results and are considerably less expensive.

We go about teeth whitening differently here at Navarro Dental Group. We believe in custom tray systems like Opalescence. They provide our patients an opportunity to whiten at home, with a custom-made tray and at their own leisure. Our patients come in for a quick 15-20 minute appointment and within days can come pick up their Professional Whitening Kits and comfortably whiten in the comfort of their homes… Plus, they are significantly less expensive!

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