Your First Visit

Your First Visit

A lot of people suffer from Dentophobia… or fear of the dentist. Maybe it’s the sound of the drill, that all too familiar scent, the thought one-sided conversation or the long needles that are supposed to stop the pain but first bring the pain. No matter the reason, many people have fear of the dentist and will go to great lengths to avoid a visit. Luckily for us, we are not your typical first visit to a new dentist.

Navarro Dental Group prides itself on it’s welcoming atmosphere. From the warm earth tones to soothe the nerves, free wifi, hot coffee, multiple flat screen TVs and friendly staff, we strive to be what most people believe a dental practice WON’T be. We do our best to make our patients feel comfortable and welcome.

We have all been a first time patient at a medical practice before so we know how uncomfortable and challenging an experience it can be. We use this as motivation to maintain a positive and welcoming atmosphere. Our office manager Laura, routinely goes above and beyond to make sure all of our patients (especially our NEW patients) feel at home. She takes time out of her already incredibly busy schedule to introduce herself and our staff, offer them a warm beverage and ask questions to help us get to know them better.

Most new patients spend their first visit with another member of our team: Our Dental Hygienist Judy. Judy has been Dr. Navarro’s hygienist for over 30 years. Her calm demeanor and easy going personality makes just about every one of our new patients feel calm and assured that they came to the right place for their dental care.

We know that finding a Dentist can be a (literal) pain-staking process. Your comfort and faith in our practice is one of the things we hold most dear. We did not become so widely known for our great Cosmetic Dentistry work without first establishing and building beautiful relationships from the moment each patient steps through our doors. The beautiful smiles that Dr. Navarro creates are afforded to us by the attention to detail we seek. Growing and maintaining strong relationships with each and every patient is one of our greatest priorities.

As we await to find out the results of the Best of Long Island contest for Cosmetic Dentistry, we ask for your continued support and regular voting through December 15th because we are confident in the relationships we have built with all of our patients. We are here for you today as we have been since your first visit to our facility and we hope you continue to be here for us as well!

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