Being a Team Dentist

Being a Team Dentist

Every year we try and find new ways to grow our brand, participate in our community, and offer more services to our patients. In 2014, we started the process of revamping our website, making it easier to use, more informative, more interactive and designed for mobile devices and desktops alike. We also introduced Botox and Dermal Filler treatment to our list of services so that we can offer our patients an additional level of facial aesthetics to further enhance the beautiful smiles Dr. Navarro creates.

For 2015, we reached out to a few of the Local Professional Sports Teams on Long Island, namely the Long Island Ducks and the New York Lizards. We were interested in becoming a sponsor of each teams initially, but then we started thinking about what we do here at Navarro Dental Group. We build long lasting relationships and care about the health and well-being of our patients. We asked ourselves, “Why not bring those qualities to these well-run organizations as a Team Dentist?” So, we reached out to both teams and suggested partnership agreements that makes our practice The Dental Services Provider for the Ducks and an Official Team Dentist of the Lizards.


So what does it mean to be a “Team Dentist”?

Partnering with the Long Island Ducks as their Dental Services Provider means the responsibility of the dental health of their players falls on Dr Navarro as Team Dentist. It’s a responsibility he is happy to fulfill. While we hope that no player endures any trauma to their teeth, if it is to happen, the team dentist steps in and cares for the dental health of the player. Our partnership doesn’t come without its perks though. We were given FOUR Front Row Box Seats to every home game. While we love attending games, with 80 home games in the season, we now have plenty of tickets to giveaway to our patients!

Being an Official Team Dentist for the New York Lizards has been a little different than with the Ducks. The Lizards are an up and coming Professional Lacrosse Team and so our experience with them so far has been much more hands on (i.e. Dr. Navarro stands on the sidelines with the team during home games). There is more social interaction between the players and our staff. In fact, when the season ends this June, we are going have all of the players coming by our facility for Checkups and Cleanings! As well, we have 4 Season Tickets for the 7 Lizard Home Games played at Hofstra University to disperse amongst of lacrosse loving patients.

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